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Jeannie Dunn, Ed. D.

Irlen® Diagnostician, Clinic Director

Dr. Jeannie Dunn, Irlen® Syndrome Diagnostician and Educational Consultant opened Learning Associates of the Grand Valley to provide individualized educational services and help for people suffering with Irlen Syndrome. Even as a young child, she wanted to share her love of learning. During her elementary school years, Jeannie encouraged children in her neighborhood to enjoy reading as much as she did by setting up a lending library with her collection of Little Golden Books and providing reading instruction on her front porch to classmates. Her passion for learning led her to earn a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership and a Masters Degree in Special Education.

After becoming a certified Irlen® Screener in 1989, Jeannie used The Irlen® Method to help students improve their reading skills. After 37 years in public education as a special education teacher and school administrator, Jeannie fulfilled a long-time desire by completing the extensive training to become an Irlen® Syndrome Diagnostician. Jeannie and her colleagues at Learning Associates are proud to offer professional services to improve the lives of children and adults who struggle with learning challenges and individuals with Irlen Syndrome.

Jeannie is a member of the Association of Educational Therapists, the Council for Exceptional Children, the International Literacy Association, and the International Dyslexia Association.

Jeannie has attended:

LSU Graduate School at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Masters in Special Education

The Graduate School at the Univeristy of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Doctorate in Education

University of California – Riverside, Educational Therapy Certificate

Jeannie Dunn

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Rose Willett

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Irlen® Diagnostician, Educational Consultant and Associate

As an educator, I have 35 years of experience in public schools ranging from pre-school age to college-age students. I was a Student Advocate in the Student Services Department at Colorado Mesa University for ten years.
After completing a Masters degree in Education with an emphasis in Exceptional Learners/Special Education (EDSE) in 2020 and serving as a special education teacher, I retired from the public school system to pursue advanced training to become an Irlen® Syndrome Diagnostician.
Screening for Irlen® Syndrome since 2010 is the most rewarding work that I have done to help students achieve success. As an Irlen® Syndrome Diagnostician, I am excited to continue helping children and adults improve their quality of life utilizing Irlen® Spectral Lenses.

Rose earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Colorado Boulder in 1983.
She also earned a Masters degree in Exceptional Learners/Special Education from Colorado Mesa University in 2020.